Mercoledì 2 ottobre 2019

Cahokia è la forza combinata del potere degli elementi. Le iniziazioni Cahokia sono la tessitura dei raggi elementali – completa di aria, acqua, fuoco e terra ed etere – in schemi potenti che migliorano tutti i lavori di guarigione.

Ogni schema di tessitura si connette sempre più all’energia di guarigione blu scuro/indaco del Buddha di medicina e le guarigioni avvengono più facilmente e in modo più deciso.
Pre-requisiti per partecipare a questo seminario: ™Tera Mai Sakara III

Cahokia is the combined force of elemental power. The Cahokia initiations are the weaving of the complete elemental rays of air, water, fire and earth into dramatic patterns, which enhance all healing work.

Each weaving pattern increasingly connects to the dark blue/indigo healing energy of the Medicine Buddha and healings come easier and more dramatically.

Tera-Mai Cahokia 1 to 6 initiations weave the elemental healing rays from Source into increasingly complex patterns of healing & intuitive energies and abilities.

Tera Mai Cahokia VII is a ‘bridge of Light’ between Cahokia VI and Cahokia VIII. This initiation is also a bridge to clearer communication with God’s Angels. The new Tera Mai Cahokia VII connects the initiate to the ‘in-between times.’ That is, dusk and dawn are both in-between-times when it is neither day nor night. Midnight is the moment between days. A pause between an inhale and exhale is also an in-between time. Being in a state absence of thought or awareness is a state of neither being conscious nor asleep. It is in these states that Spirit is better able to communicate with us.

The new Tera Mai Cahokia VII offers additional pure and protected openings. (For those who have previously received Tera Mai Cahokia VII, I offer re-initiation on a donations-are-accepted basis.)

Tera Mai Cahokia VIII brings more physical healing and also provides the ability to locate formerly unseen and unknown stubborn, stuck issues. When these issues are released dramatic healings are possible and happen.

Angelic construction might best describe the initiation process.

Tera-Mai Cahokia 9 activates the mind’s eye in such a way that seeing what is to be removed and what is to fill the voids is greatly enhanced. The analogy might be that nobody would want a blind surgeon working on them.

When dark energies are seen they are able to be removed.

Tera-Mai Cahokia 10 Healings come closer to healing in the manner of Jesus.

Energies and abilities of Cahokia 10 are Gifts of The Spirit, which flow through the Tera Mai healer.

Cahokia 10 consists in part of colored electrical streams of energy taking form in the healer’s hands and streaming to the healee to bring about clearing, healing and raise consciousness.

This attunement flows easily into the initiate because the initiate has a solid foundation, beginning with Tera-Mai Reiki I. Each of the Tera-Mai Reiki, Tera-Mai Seichem, and Tera-Mai Sakara, Sophie-El and Angeliclight, and Cahokia 1 – 9 attunements have brought the initiate up to a level where the initiate easily accepts and integrates Cahokia 10.