The Farm School

In order to see life in its simplicity and to humbly behold a greater Reality, one must expand one’s personal, social and environmental consciousness through educating an ethics of sustainable behavior in all areas of life.

The owner of the agriturismo, Eli, has chosen to live in a healthy, simple way, close to nature with respect to its rhythms, and in intimate relationship with resident animals.  It is her pleasure to share her choice with visitors and guests, offering them occasions to rediscover their own relationship with Nature, not only as external habitat but also as an inner world, and as foundation for well-being, harmony and peace.

At Eliantemo, one can yet again experience a sense of unity and a unique quality of human and social rapport, thanks to encounters and mutual exchanges with neighbors.  Life is just as it was “once upon a time” for peasant families, when small communities would join forces to conduct a sustainable life anchored to the land and regulated by family and social values.

Eliantemo offers educational courses on natural living to: schools, individuals, families, groups.

Custom tours are available for all

Courses are available year round, with the most popular season from the end of winter through autumn.  They may be organized according to the needs of specific groups and can last from a couple of hours to an entire day.

The value of experience

The activities of the Eliantemo Farm School vary, but each activity is precious for its experiential value. The experience of a relationship with nature and with animals, shared with others in a communal spirit according to ancient values. Many moderns have lost awareness of: simplicity, manual work, sharing, personal roots and ties to the land.

In order to enter a harmonic dimension in communion with the environment, we offer:

Nature walks, with close and stimulating encounters with the land and its eco-systems.

Olive Harvests, with the teamwork involved in such labor: everyone has his/her own role that must be synchronized with the role and work of others to optimize production.

Sound Nutrition, focused on the importance of high-quality foods, but also on the spiritual attitude during the preparation and consumption of foods.

An opportunity for families to spend time together in a unique way:

Without roots there are no wings: a Sunday spent on a farm educates the emotions and values.  A natural ecosystem is not unlike a family system:  the health of all parts and equilibrium among the parts influences the global well-being of the system.