Tera Mai ™ Reiki & Seichem

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Tera-Mai™ - founded by Kathleen Milner - is, very simply, a healing system born out of Reiki.
Now, many people know about Reiki and they know that Reiki means ‘Life Force Energy’ and that this energy can be channelled by those who receive an initiation or attunement to Reiki for the benefit of themselves and others. The benefits are many, varying from deep relaxation to the healing of mind, body and spirit.
Everybody can access the basic levels of Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem for self-healing. The advanced levels, though, are mainly oriented toward those who feel a calling to the healing arts or those who already work in therapeutic professions.

Today what we know of as Reiki refers to the healing ray that is contained within the Earth element (of the Five Elements).
Tera-Mai™ Reiki uses the Earth element. Following a series of events, this was expanded upon to include the other healing rays within the elements of Fire, Water, and Air/Spirit and this is what we call Tera-Mai™ Seichem. So, Seichem incorporates the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the very same elements that make up our own physical bodies. 
Only recently (July 19th 2015), this was further expanded upon to also include the fifth element: Ether. And this is what we now call Tera Mai Akasha Seichem.
The Five Elements flow from Source, through the healer and into the physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as into the electromagnetic field that permeates and surrounds the physical state or matter. Universal healing energy alters the energy of the person being worked on and changes the manifestation of the mass. This healing energy works with many techniques, and many different kinds of therapists, nurses and doctors use this energy effectively.

In receiving an initiation/attunement into Tera-Mai™ Akasha Seichem this enables us to channel all five elements, (and that includes Reiki which is the Earth element).
There is the option for the beginners to receive an initiation/attunement into Reiki only, and after some time when it feels appropriate being initiated into Seichem and then eventually re-initiated into Akasha Seichem to gradually channel all of the healing energies of the five elements.

In Tera-Mai™ Earth energy is called Reiki. It has the characteristics of grounding and foundation, and because of these properties, it is fundamental to all other elements. Without Reiki or grounding nothing else, or very little, can be experienced on the physical plane.
Fire energy is called Sakara. In healing it works on the aura: the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. One of the properties of fire is transformation. Sakara burns through and transforms blockages and resistances in the physical, mental emotional and other spiritual bodies.
The Water energy is Sophi-El, both gentle and persistent like the element from which it comes. It reaches deep within the emotional body to find the core of the disturbance. It also opens the heart to receive love and to feel compassion and it aids healing by re-establishing the feminine-masculine balance. In addition to emotional healing energy, Sophi-El enhances the healer’s psychic awareness. The increase in intuition helps the healer to receive visions, both hearing Holy Spirit and receiving psychic impressions while s/he is working.
The dual ray of Air/Spirit is called Angelic Light. It is a two-fold ray: it works with both the element Air and with the Angelic or Spirit realm.  Air expresses the qualities of communication. In healing the effectiveness of the third eye and throat chakras, the voice, or the power of the spoken word, is increased dramatically. With Angelic Light the practitioner is able to work effectively with angels, and the Higher Self or Spirit.
Ether, which is called Akasha, clears out hidden, dark energies in the energy field that surrounds us. It gets to core issues, so that the truth comes out bringing expansion of consciousness and knowledge. Through the healing energy of Ether we can access the Akashic Records, clear our timeline in this life-time and in other life-times as well as bring gifts from our other life-times into the present. It also strengthens creativity.

All of healing rays of the elements emanate from Source or the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy and all connect with the other. They work individually and in combination. They are not a quick fix or a pill, and will bring up deep, buried issues which need transformation.

When all the healing rays of the five elements are used together, negative energy has nowhere to hide. Once we let Light and Love in and feel the emotional pain or shame, the monsters shrink and we heal our physical bodies. We can embrace and accept ourselves and love ourselves simply for being human, just as the Divine or God has always done. 

Tera-MaiTM is a trademarked healing system to ensure the quality of the energy transfer and is not intended to be mixed into a marketing program whereby many different Seichem and/or Reiki initiations are given. It has been demonstrated time and time again that altering the Tera-Mai™ initiation or mixing the energy with other initiations increasingly compromises and diminishes the energy and may even cause the energy to stop or be blocked completely.

Kathleen Milner, an American artist, author and natural healer, trademarked the healing system called Tera Mai™, which incorporates the Universal Energy of Reiki & Seichem and Akasha Seichem.   
In February 1991 in her first consciousness-raising experience, when Kathleen’s physical body went into the Spirit World, she met a Higher Being whom she later learned was Buddha. Buddha built on the ancient healing energies that Kathleen was born with by simply adding onto the traditional Alliance Reiki Initiations that Kathleen had received in the past decade (1983-1988).   
In the realm of Spirit, Buddha told Kathleen that the Reiki initiations he gave her passed on the healing energies of the elements of earth, which come directly from divine Source or God.
Buddha emphasised that the initiations he gave her were to remain standardised, and that the initiations were not to be mixed into another system where other Reiki or man-made initiations were given or received.  This ensured the quality and purity of energy transfer.
On another occasion, Buddha altered the Tera Mai Reiki initiations slightly by adding 2 more symbols and 2 more colours to create Tera Mai Seichem initiations. These initiations have the full Tera Mai Reiki attunements, as well as initiations into the healing powers of air, water and fire elements. Later Buddha added the Fifth element, Ether, to create Tera Mai Akasha Seichem initiations. It is these Elements that all healers, Shaman, magicians and saints have used throughout the ages to practice the ancient art of hands-on healing and other metaphysical Gifts of the Spirit.
Over the years, Buddha gave Kathleen several “upgrades” so that what was originally known as Reiki reverted to its fullest potential. The result being an increasingly powerful and effective healing system, gradually aligning with the ongoing planetary energy shifts.
To this day, those who are properly initiated, and who follow Buddha's Tera Mai standards, are able to facilitate remarkable healings. 
Kathleen freely shares her trademark only with all properly attuned Tera Mai initiates, who are abiding by the aforementioned Buddha's Tera Mai standards.

Elisabetta was initiated by Kathleen and for more than 18 years has been teaching Tera Mai™ Reiki & Seichem classes and giving individual healing sessions. She has translated Kathleen’s book  Reiki and other ways of Healing into Italian and the official manuals of the Tera Mai classes. She organises Kathleen’s workshops in Italy, hosting them at her home in Umbria (www.eliantemo.com). Since last September she has the ability to pass on the Tera Mai Akasha Seichem initiations also.